April 10, 2012

How Regal got us to buy a soda

Erica: We NEVER drink soda. To me, it is wasted calories and as you guys know, we enjoy eating healthy so all we drink is water. This is an article on how the Regal E -Walk 13 got us to drink soda. Above is a photo of their soda machine. Pretty cool huh? When you click on a button, for example, 'Fanta', orange Fanta doesn't just pour out, they give you a choice of multiple flavors that you click, then it comes out into your cup. This is a FANTASTIC idea. I was fascinated by the machine that it got us to buy soda just so we can play with the machine...

Not only is it a great idea with several choices, I feel it is far more sanitary than the regular soda machines. This is essentially a touch screen machine (like an ipad or tablet) which is far easier to clean than those gross plastic tabs that you need to lean the cup against.

Also, with this machine, you are in control of the amount and you can mix and match any flavor combinations you want (although some might be strange but just having the option is pretty cool).

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