May 10, 2012

21 Jump Street - Regal E-Walk 12 RPX

Mike: We went to see this at the Regal E-Walk in Times Square and used it as an excuse to see something in their RPX (Regal Premium Experience) auditorium. I actually watched the TV show back in the 80s, although I barely remember anything about it other than the catchy theme song. When I heard that it was being turned into a movie a few years ago by none other than Jonah Hill, I was expecting something really stupid. But when the trailer came out and then the film started getting buzz, my expectations rebounded. It was looking to be a funny film. And it was was. 21 Jump Street is funny from start to finish, and moreover, its approach to the idea of a movie based on a TV show was fresh and original.

Erica: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as stars of a movie did not thrill me and I never watched the tv show. I just wanted to give RPX another try and luckily it was a great one. I wasn't laughing the entire movie, but I laughed enough to make it worth your while. The RPX screen and sound is great and the seats are comfortable and it does indeed help pass the time.

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