May 17, 2012

American Reunion - AMC 34th Street 14

Mike: I just loved American Pie when it came out. Gosh, it was thirteen years ago. Crazy how time flies. I remember disliking the third film and honestly don't remember a single thing about American Pie 2. But I remember the characters and liked them quite a bit. As with last year's Scream 4, I couldn't help but wonder: Who asked for this? Did anyone want this movie? It reeked of desperation. I'll take it, though. Even though the thought of feeling nostalgic for 1999 makes me uneasy.

American Reunion is funny and it was nice to catch up with all those people. I enjoyed myself. But it was strange. Gross-out comedies have changed in the last decade. In a way, American Reunion seemed like a relic of the past. Of the way movies used to be then, for a brief period of time, and of the things that used to make us laugh. Like Scream 4, the film seems dated.

One thing you'll surely notice is how awful some of the actors are. Chris Klein is unbelievably bad, and nearly every moment he's on screen made me cringe. He was the worst of the lot, although Tara Reid and Mena Suvari also made me feel uncomfortable.

Erica: I was never a big fan of any of the first 3. Why we needed another one was beyond me. The idea of high school reunions in an era of Facebook and Twitter seems obsolete and unnecessary, which is exactly how I felt about this movie. Some of these actors were very happy they made a fourth movie because they can't get a job in any other movie (we are talking to you Chris Klein).

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