May 18, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods - AMC Empire 25 ETX

Mike: I'd been hearing about this movie for the longest time - they finished shooting it years ago, and it was supposed to be some kind of Scream-like breakdown of the horror genre. I was cautious about the hype but nonetheless excited to see it. And while it might have been over-hyped - I tend to think that anything that receives any sort of hype is over-hyped - I was very happy. It's a really cool flick that goes to some crazy places. I think Cabin in the Woods will appease both horror fans and movie buffs who are tired of seeing horror films.

We watched Cabin in the Woods at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square, and decided to try it in ETX again. First off, I'm happy that this ETX presentation was not in 3D. I'm also happy to report that AMC fixed the jagged screen that we witnessed when we visited this auditorium last year. With Cabin in the Woods, I was really able to appreciate the sound system, although at some point the room was rumbling so much that you could hear a vent or a ceiling panel shaking. Also, the seats are the same as an average AMC room (no leather seats, which can be found elsewhere in the theater), and there are even seats in the auditorium that are partially obscured (in one case by a row of seats in front, and in another case by a high safety railing). The screen also isn't perfect - when white or light colors are projected, you might notice a long streak that runs down the middle of the screen. None of which should be a big deal - you can overlook stuff like that. Except this is the Enhanced Theatre Experience and if you're here, you paid a lot more for your ticket. It's easy to take the biggest room and put in a flashy sound system and a high-range 4k projector, use some flashy branding and charge extra. As I've said in my earlier review of ETX - if you want to make sure you see your movie in a good auditorium and not in a tiny, worn down one, then go ahead and play the premium.

Erica: I am a Joss Whedon fan, when we arrived in the ETX theater, I noticed the seats we chose and the row in front of that one had obscured views. If I am paying extra money for that 'experience' I want to see the whole screen (not someone's head or chair). Luckily, I got over it quickly so I was able to watch the movie. I somewhat enjoyed this movie. I hated the last half hour, but the rest of the movie was a pretty good movie. Predictable but it kept me entertained.

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