May 02, 2012

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope - VOD

Erica: Anytime we can watch a movie from the comfort of our own home it is so much better. I am a big fan of Morgan Spurlock and while I was upset he wasn't on camera, this movie delivered even without his presence. Trying to watch this movie on demand was quite a chore. Mike began downloading it while I was out so it would be ready when I got back. It never loaded. After calling Amazon and Tivo and wasting 7 hours of my day (yes you read that correctly....7 hours!) I gave up and then all of a sudden at 9:30 the movie was on our Tivo. Of course, Amazon refunded me the money so this movie cost us $0 to watch it which maybe made it better. Mike and I go to the New York Comic-Con every year but have never been to San Diego Comic-Con, but have always heard amazing things about it so it was great to see the inner workings and it was a great thing to focus on a few separate people's stories and what they go to Comic-Con for. I go for t-shirts and DVDs but others have a certain item they are searching for and won't give up until they have it and may even trample a few people to get to it. The movie was funny and insightful and I highly recommend it. It is better if you have an interest in the Con or are a geek but if you want to know what everyone talks about, this is a great glimpse inside the world of Comic-Con.

Mike: I always look forward to the New York Comic-Con - which is pretty big but nowhere near the size of the San Diego Comic-Con. However, the idea of a documentary about it didn't really appeal to me. Each year, there is endless coverage. But Morgan Spurlock found a nice angle - a good way to present it. He focused on a number of different areas that make up the Comic-Con experience, and presented it all respectfully. I also liked how the documentary addressed how comic books have taken a bit of a back seat at the event in recent years, and the effect that's had on the comic book sellers who set up shop there every year. As a whole, it's a funny and heartfelt documentary.

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