May 26, 2012

Dark Shadows - Regal E-Walk 13 RPX

Erica: Dark Shadows was long anticipated for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tim Burton and I was waiting for this for so long. It did not disappoint either...the cast was great, the story was great and it was a lot of fun.  This is the type of movie that should be seen in RPX. What I love about Burton's films is the whimsy and charm he brings to his movies and that they take you away to another world you only think of of in your dreams. I digress...the movie was awesome. It had that cheap look to it (which in this case is good) and it had that dark, Burton charm. This is the eighth collaboration of Burton with Depp and each time it seems to pay off. Depp is versatile enough to fit into whatever role he is cast in. The music in the movie was awesome, the acting was great and the look was spot on. OK I will stop gushing now and let Mike make some comments...

Mike: I didn't like it as much as Erica did, but I was surprised how much I actually dug it. I too love Tim Burton, but unlike Erica, I don't think he's made a good movie in years. Let's put it this way: I actually thought Planet of the Apes was one of his better recent (if you can call it that) efforts. Dark Shadows is funny and the persistent humor and the amusing performances got me through an otherwise sluggish story with a weak conclusion.

We saw it at the E-Walk RPX screen, not because the screen is fabulous. It's a good, big screen with good sound and it's kept up well, but I wouldn't call it fabulous. We simply went there because we didn't want to take a risk and get stuck seeing a movie we were anticipating in a dark, dilapidated 56-seater. Plus, going to the Regal E-Walk in Times Square, we got to try their cool new soda machines, which I've been hearing have been popping up in other places. I got through almost all of the screens counting how many different sodas they have until Erica distracted me and I lost my count. But I later noticed a sign that said there were more than 100.

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