May 12, 2012

Mansome - BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College)

Erica: We went to the premiere at Tribeca. I was volunteering there this year so I was able to get free tickets to whatever movies I wanted (I got one voucher per shift). I couldn't use them any other times so I jumped at the chance to catch this one. The venue was alright, It is a college theater so the chairs aren't super comfortable and the leg room is lacking as they need to cram as many college students in there as possible. I am usually a big fan of Morgan Spurlock. I enjoyed Super Size Me and even his show, 30 Days but this I was not that big of a fan of. Unlike Comic Con, Spurlock is back in front of the camera along with some celebrity friends and came up with a movie about 'manscaping'--boring...while Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are funny together at the spa, that is pretty much all this film has to offer. This is better off being a special episode of 'Dateline' or something to that degree, maybe even a segment on 60 Minutes but as a full length feature?? No thanks.

Mike: I thought Mansome - while enjoyable and at times interesting - was ultimately pointless and padded. There is really no need for this movie to exist. It doesn't at all seem like an organically developed film - something that came into existence because there was a subject, or a story, that needed to be told. My guess is that this documentary came together because a couple of guys with a new production company thought 'hey, let's make a documentary, but what about?' and ran through a bunch of ideas. The end result - while it has its funny moments and isn't terrible to sit through - is similar in that it seems randomly put together. Moreover, it has scenes that just go on and on, as if the running time needed to be padded. My recommendation: Skip Mansome at the theater and on DVD, and catch it when it airs on, I don't know, the Discovery Health Channel or CNBC on a Friday night within the next year.

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