May 09, 2012

The Raid Redemption - Regal E-Walk

Erica: This was a movie I was not thrilled about seeing. I went in not knowing what to expect. What I got was a violent bloodbath to take out one crimelord and a few of his men. For what it was, it was a fine movie but I wouldn't say 'run out and see this movie' as it wasn't necessarily my type of movie. Now let me say, I am not against movie violence, it isn't that it's just that I wasn't thrilled with this movie. What I learned from the movie was if I needed to fight someone, I want the main character on my side...

Mike: Sorry, I kind of dragged you into this one. It's one of those movies that gets a lot of buzz, like last year's Attack the Block. I tend to think that anything that gets any amount of hype is over-hyped, and as much as I think The Raid has been over-hyped, I still must say that it's a damn cool movie. The Raid is exciting from start to finish. There's a good story, a cool premise, some plot twists and memorable character, but it's really a collection of awesome action scenes that couldn't stop impressing me. Highly recommended.

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