May 16, 2012

The Three Stooges - AMC 34th Street 14

Mike: Another movie I couldn't drag Erica to see, so I had to see it by myself. I was expecting very little from this - the last few Farrelly movies weren't great, and I wasn't crazy about the idea of a new set of stooges. But I ended up really enjoying myself watching The Three Stooges. It was hilarious. The jokes and gags kept coming at a rapid pace, leaving no time for boredom. Best of all was Larry David, who is in the movie a lot and plays a nun the entire time. I couldn't help but laugh whenever he was on screen, if only because of the idea that he's playing a woman.

The three relatively unknown actors hired to play the Stooges set out only to recreate the Moe, Larry and Curly we already know. There was no attempt to re-invent the characters at all, and that commitment - from the actors and well as the writers/directors - is admirable. And while I wasn't expecting it to work, it totally did. The Three Stooges is a fun, harmless way to pass ninety minutes, and succeeds in bringing these iconic characters to present day.

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