June 20, 2012

Battleship - AMC Empire 25

Mike: Erica wasn't too keen on seeing this so I went by myself. The moment this film was announced, I knew it was going to be horrible. As a moviegoer I even felt kind of offended by the idea that a movie studio would think us this stupid - that we'd go see a movie based on a simple board game and introduce aliens. Assuming that we'd welcome it the same way we did Transformers - a movie series based on toys. Well, I bought a ticket, so what does that say about me? Thankfully, few other people did, sending a message to studios that recognizable brand names don't necessarily translate into box office revenue.

That said, of all the terrible things I heard about Battleship, and from the terrible trailers and TV spots... it wasn't all that bad. It was cheesy, poorly acted and predictable, but not an awful way to waste two hours. In the end, the movie Battleship is something overly big and expensive that really never should have existed. But it does, and beyond the atrocious performances delivered as expected by Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker (and much of the rest of the cast, for that matter), beyond the cringe-inducing dialogue and predictable paint-by-numbers alien invasion story-line, you're left with mildly enjoyable Summer thrills and explosions. It kept my attention and I somewhat enjoyed myself. That's really all I can say, and all I want to say.

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