June 21, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Clearview Roslyn

Erica: We were pretty much forced to see this movie by my mom, who ended up hating this movie. I had zero interest in this movie and with a run time of over two hours, I didn't know what I was getting myself into...the funniest moment came before the movie started when a woman practically gave Mike a lap dance, but I will let him elaborate on that. The movie was better than I thought it would be but it wasn't good. There is a compliment in there somewhere, I promise. This movie is good for the elderly, so my opinion shouldn't matter as I am not in their demographic. We see this movie in a neighborhood where that movie IS their main demographic. I didn't see that on that day as there was 5 people in the theater, counting the three of us. This movie is a whose who of old British people.

Mike: I actually really liked the movie. I appreciated that, even though this was obviously a movie made for older folks, it didn't pander to that demographic and managed to be a film that almost anyone can enjoy. (No, it's not...) I wasn't too crazy about the conclusion, which wraps everything up a bit too nicely, but as a whole I liked seeing these older actors unafraid to play old, retired characters approaching their final chapters, and I liked the unromanticized presentation of the Indian setting.

We've had a lot of crazy experiences in theaters, but the old lady who came to sit next to me was a new one. We were in a party of three, and I think there was only one other person in the auditorium. The room was pretty big, with dozens of rows open in front of and behind us. About fifteen minutes before the movie began, an old lady walked in and sat right next to me. RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME. Out of the 100+ open seats, she picked the one right next to me. Why, I don't know. Once more, she had an awful lot of trouble moving around and even more trouble sitting down. At first, she planted herself on the armrest between us, practically setting herself on my lap. She slowly maneuvered her way into the seat right next to me. I felt sorry for her - she was very old, barely able to walk, and was seeing this movie by herself (no idea how she got here - either she was dropped off or she lives very close), and for whatever reason she thought that she had to sit next to people. I don't know if she did this because she thought that the theater would fill up, or because she thought we were people that she knew? Or maybe she was just lonely and wanted to sit with other people. As she shuffled her way towards our row and slowly moved closer and closer, I just couldn't believe what was happening. And when she went to sit down right next to me, that's exactly what kept going through my head: "Uhhh... is this really happening?" Even though we felt bad, we were at the brink of bursting out in laughter, barely containing ourselves. I thought maybe we were on that Betty White hidden camera show. I didn't say anything - I didn't want to offend her or make her feel embarrassed. She didn't say anything either. We just sat there. No idea what went through her mind, but mine was filled with question marks. After a few minutes the lady slowly stood up and moved one seat away, leaving us a buffer seat. Which I was very grateful for. A note....that was HILARIOUS! Worth the price of admission. Better than the movie.

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