June 12, 2012

A Cat in Paris - Angelika Film Center

Mike: The second part of my double-header was much more pleasant. And at just 65 minutes, a breeze to get through. When I got my ticket out of the machine and saw 'Screen 5' I was scared. It's a small room, and I'd been there before. It had serious sound issues, to the point where I just wanted to leave. Once the movie started, I was relieved that whatever the problem was, it must have been fixed. The sound was very good. Still, it would have been nice if someone at the Angelika could have closed the doors. It wasn't until 15 minutes into the film that a crew member finally came over and shut the doors, after listening to music from the lobby. I know, I could have closed the doors myself, but that's not my job...

A Cat in Paris was a surprise Animated Feature Oscar nominee a few months back. It was released in Europe in 2010 and 2011 and now it's finally making its way over here. The version I saw was dubbed in English - something I normally don't like, but animated films are different because I appreciate not having to read subtitles so I can instead focus completely on the animated images. The dub was pretty well done, with voices by Matthew Modine, Anjelica Huston and Marcia Gay Harden. It was nice to see something hand-drawn again. The style is pretty rough and might not be for everyone, but I certainly appreciated the style and designs. The story is simple and breezy, with some funny and sympathetic characters. It seemed fresh, but a bit of a throwback at times, too. Not everything in the film works - the main character is a girl who hasn't spoken since her father died, and as you'll guess, that creates a number of situations that are just a tad too convenient. I think that idea is a bit played out, but whatever... overall, A Cat in Paris is a delightful little film that kids who appreciate different things and have an attention span will probably dig.

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