June 08, 2012

The Dictator - AMC Clifton Commons 16

Erica: I was never a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's movies and this one was no exception. It was only 83 minutes, that's the good news and the only positive thing I can say. It was a grueling 83 minutes. It was offensive, disgusting, and just unfunny. Put aside the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen always does gross things in movies, that is the point of them I guess, this just wasn't even really that funny. I don't mind gross out moments if they make me laugh. This just made me embarrassed and I was only sitting in a movie theater...maybe that's why I was embarrassed that I was showing I paid to see this movie...this movie is one instance where the trailers were far more entertaining than the actual movie...

Mike: Sacha Baron Cohen is a talented guy, but he desperately needs to show some range. His dictator character is too much like Borat. It doesn't seem very original. I really liked Borat and even liked Bruno, but to my surprise, I rarely found myself laughing while watching this movie. Cohen should try something new that's actually, like, new.

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