June 09, 2012

Men in Black 3 3D- UA Court Street 12

Erica: You already know we have a strong disliking for this theater, but it was Memorial Day and Mike and I were not feeling 100 percent so we figured rather than risking getting others sick or feeling worse, we would avoid the subway and walk to the theater. I vaguely remember the first two Men in Black movies. I don't particularly remember what happened in them or even if I liked them. This one had its moments but I find Will Smith kind of irritating so to me, it already loses points. What I was most impressed with was Brolin's shockingly good portrayal of a young Tommy Lee Jones. He did that very, very well. When we got to the theater, it was so dark, I stepped on a kids foot and nobody could find the seats. We were the first movie of the day so we were told everything gets shut off at night. Key word being: night. It was 12pm, turn the damn lights on! Eventually they did and then Mike and I switched seats (we had sat in the handicapped seats in front of the railing to avoid injuries until the lights came back on). We saw this movie in 3D. The 3D wasn't anything special, if you want to see this to round out the trilogy, just go for the 2D. I do wish I had one of those memory erase thinggys though...

Mike: A sequel nobody ever asked for. I didn't like the first Men in Black that much and I really hated the second one. And even though I wasn't crazy about introducing the element of time travel, it really works here and gives the film a funky vibe. I was expecting this to be awful but ended up enjoying it more than I did the first two. It's not a good film, but it's fun and there's lots of cool stuff to look at.

Two things that bugged me a little bit - The alien monitor gag is really old now. It wasn't even all that clever the first time around, but now seeing Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on the screens seemed really dumb. Also, the timeline really makes no sense. Wasn't Tommy Lee Jones married in the first one? And does that mean Will Smith is in his late forties? It didn't really bother me that much - after all, it's just a mindless Summer-fun Men in Black movie.

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