June 19, 2012

Prometheus - AMC Cliton Commons 16

Mike: We were in New Jersey the weekend that Prometheus came out so we went to the AMC Clifton Commons nearby. We decided to see it in 3D on the IMAX screen. We'd never seen a movie on their IMAX screen so we thought we'd give it a try, knowing very well that it's a famous "lieMAX" screen. Expectations (for the presentation) low as they were, I can't tell you how underwhelmed I was. It was a relatively small auditorium with a medium-sized screen (at best). In fact, the room looks just like all the other ones in this multiplex, and I'm pretty sure it's not even the biggest. It wasn't even all that clean, and it was the typical AMC red carpet and seats. One of the seats even had a giant tear in it. And despite the stadium seating, there were seats in the room where the view is easily obstructed (the head of the person sitting in front of me blocked a small portion of the bottom of the screen). The screen goes from the floor to the ceiling and is slightly curved. Beyond that and the IMAX promo, it's hard to tell that this is an IMAX screen.

As for the movie - it's big on ideas and much of the story and the characters serve to introduce these ideas. It seemed a little fragmented from its erratically fluctuating pacing. The film goes to great lengths to sell the audience on the concept and the technology - to take the science fiction seriously. I totally bought into it until a scene in which a surgery is performed, which (while pretty cool) is just too haphazard and quickly resolved. So I was totally along for the ride until that scene, which took me out a bit. But what Prometheus lacks in development is more than made up for by just about everything else - the look, the thrills, the scares, the designs. I found it to be truly novel, despite the fact that it's somewhat derived from an existing property. I wasn't all that impressed by the 3D, but then I've only been truly wowed by 3D just a few times before (Avatar, Hugo and Tron:Legacy).

Erica: Thia is by far the worst 'Liemax' screen I have ever seen. There was very little effort made. It was like they put numbers 1 through 16 in a hat and picked out a number and made that one the IMAX one. Mike hit it right on the head. This is not a movie where I felt like I was 'in the movie' like on real IMAX screens. Any movie is better on that ral IMAX screen cause you feel like you're there. Prometheus  has been showing teasers for about a year in theaters so I was expecting more. It was cool but I, like Mike was very disappointed in the '3D' so much so that I didn't even notice anything in 3D. The concept of the movie was cool and if you are a Ridley Scott and/or Alien fan, then this is  a must see for you. If you're not a die hard fan, either see the 2D non-IMAX version or wait for the DVD. All I can say is I am glad Michael Fassbender kept his clothes on for this movie.

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