June 18, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman - UA Court Street 12

Erica: This is not a movie I was thrilled about seeing. I like Nick Frost and he plays one of the dwarves (it was weird seeing normal sized people shrunk down). This movie was better than I thought it would be but that is not saying it was a 'great' movie. It was ok. They have been promoting this movie for so long now, you expect this amazing epic film when you go in. Instead you have a so-so movie about Snow White.  would rather watch the original Snow White but I guess this one was a different telling. It was a much darker telling than the cartoon, although the Disney version could be construed as scary and dark if you ask the right person...I don't get Kristen Stewart's appeal and I am not a big fan of her or Charlize Theron. That being said, this movie was not bad for what it was. What bothers me about this movie and Kristen Stewart in general is, why does she need to bite her lip all the time?

Mike: I think the Snow White PR team has worked overtime to train her to stop the lip-biting and to appear more jovial lately - for proof, compare her appearance at this year's MTV Movie Awards to any appearance in the past.

I enjoyed Snow White but couldn't help but be distracted how inorganic it is. It's a decent film with interesting visuals and cool fights, but all the while I felt like I was watching a financial equation concocted by studio heads after Alice in Wonderland became a blockbuster hit. Female-skewed fairy tale + Twilight star + Lord of the Rings-style epic scope and battles for the boys + attractive comic book film star + franchise set-up = $$$. It's all way too calculated and obvious.

We saw the film at the UA Court Street 12 in Brooklyn - the theater that's really close to us but that we usually avoid because it's a zoo. Actually, we've been going here more often lately because it's just so close and we feel like we can risk going here at certain hours (like on a Saturday or Sunday morning, which we did in this case). I suppose that the risk paid off, because the audience behaved well for the most part. The room was pretty full - usually a sign of chaos, but not today. We noticed a few people who talked here and there, which was annoying, but at least it wasn't persistent. There was also a guy walking around who was clearly on something. I went to the bathroom before the movie started and when I came back he was standing in the doorway, looking at the floor, frozen. He later went inside and took a while to decide on a seat, and moved back and forth a few times. Why the Court Street staff would let anyone so obviously under the influence inside the theater is beyond me.

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