August 05, 2012

Ted - Kips Bay 14

Erica:  We started out a double feature night with Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut of Ted.

I LOVE Seth Macfarlane's work. Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland so naturally I was excited about his first feature film. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by the trailer so when I went into the movie, I did not have high hopes. What I got was an amazingly funny, sometimes even touching movie. I was laughing for the entire movie and was genuinely entertained. If I can get that out of a movie, it is a great night at the cinema. Ted is rude, crude, and lewd and I loved every minute of it. I wish I had Ted as my friend.

We started out our double feature night with a was going to be hard to top....will Rock of Ages top it??

Mike: I hated, hated, hated the trailers and was fearing the worst. I love Seth MacFarlane and watch all his shows, but the trailers and commercials did not make me laugh at all. I was not looking forward to seeing this movie and figured I'd be subject to the same type of jokes from the trailer. Boy was I wrong. I found Ted to be absolutely hilarious, and maybe the funniest movie of the year so far. It's an outstanding first-time film for Seth MacFarlane. The humor is very much in line with that of Family Guy, as is the pacing. I'm excited that Ted is such a big hit, which will surely lead to more of Seth MacFarlane at the movies.

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