August 04, 2012

That's My Boy - Regal E-Walk 13

Erica: Sorry for the long absence, all, we have been very very busy. We promise to try and keep up for you guys so you know what to see and skip at the cinema.

That's My Boy...where to begin. Well I should start with our 'non-review'. We were originally scheduled to see this movie at the Regal Court Street 12. We had gotten discount tickets ($5/ticket) so we figured we may as well use them on a movie that is going to be terrible. We got our tickets, arrived at the theater, they ripped our ticket we got to the theater, it said That's My Boy on the theater marquee and we go inside, what's on the screen? People Like Us I went outside to tell the staff that and they said 'oh, we thought that was the trailer.' They then told me that they needed to stop that movie (there were people there to watch it) and move all of those people...trying not to scream I wanted to say, wouldn't it be easier to put us in the theater where that movie was supposed to be playing? They didn't let me wait outside, I had Mike inside securing our seats and about 7 other people who wanted to see That's My Boy as well. I didn't want to be disruptive to the people inside yet they said wait inside so I did. Then they yelled 'FOR ANYBODY HERE FOR THAT'S MY BOY PLEASE COME OUTSIDE.' Argh! That is what I was trying to do in the first place. Once we all went outside they tell us they canceled our took that long to tell us this. They said to go to the box office to get refunds. We got a refund for the full ticket price as well as free tickets to come back to see any movie we want. So we basically made money to NOT see this movie. I wish that would happen to us more in the future.

Now onto our real review...cut to a few days later....

The movie started and it was the correct movie so we are already off to a good start (we did use free tickets to see the movie so we didn't pay...even better start)...

The movie was better than I thought it would be. The problem is Sandler hasn't been funny since the mid 90s so I was not expecting very many (if any) laughs. His last big screen debacle, Jack and Jill was a cringe fest so I was hoping this wouldn't be as bad. To my surprise, it wasn't. I laughed a few times (please note the word FEW) and those laughs were few and far between and faded very quickly. Samberg is fine on SNL but isn't very convincing as the 'straight man'. I think the funniest parts of the movie came when Samberg was hanging out with his dad and his party friends. I will cautiously recommend this movie as a 'watch on DVD or on TV' film.

Mike: As proud as we were to be paid $44 to essentially NOT SEE this movie, curiosity got the best of us and we ended up going back. Something that wasn't exactly easy to accomplish, as the film had all but vanished from NYC screens after two weeks. We ended up catching it at the Regal E-Walk using one of the free passes we were given.
Adam Sandler is known for his family comedies, and I was happy to see him try an R-rated film again. Sandler's trademark schmalz is what I usually hate most about his films, and one of the (few) things That's My Boy has going for it is that it isn't aimed at families, so the awkward emotional scenes are pretty much gone. I must shamefully admit that I somewhat enjoyed That's My Boy. It made me laugh. I thought it was terrible, but I enjoyed myself and laughed. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but that's just the way it is. Nobody's perfect.

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