August 17, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man - Regal E-Walk 13

Yeah....the 'Untold' Story....ummmm...

Mike: We waited a while to see Spider-Man because we wanted to avoid the opening weekend crowds and because, while we liked Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and love the character, we weren't all that crazy about seeing the origin story re-told. It's a bit too soon for a full-on reboot. I think people are fine with re-castings, or just starting without the origin story. Remember Tim Burton's Batman? No origin story there - just some flashbacks. I wish that could have been the case with The Amazing Spider-Man. Instead we get another hour-plus from-the-beginning superhero film. The spider bite, the discovery of super powers, the death of Uncle Ben... for much of the film I felt totally aware of the fact that I was watching a re-hash. But what's interesting is that the first half of the film is actually more enjoyable than the second half. I think the filmmakers were way too focused on getting the origin story right (which they handled decently) and the actual story - Spider-Man vs. Lizard - is sort of an after-thought.
I thought Andrew Garfield was fine as Peter Parker. I don't really care for Emma Stone, whose mix of annoying cheeriness and cigarette ash grinds on my nerves. Sally Field and Martin Sheen were a bit too obvious and a bit too high-profile castings for my choice.

Erica: I agree with Mike on multiple fronts. Most notably: IT WAS WAY TOO SOON FOR ANOTHER SPIDER MAN MOVIE! I feel like the last trilogy just ended now we are back with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (equally as unpleasant as Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst). I enjoyed the first 3 movies, don't get me wrong, I just didn't need to see it again so soon. Note to movie studios: I know America has a short term memory issue (and get bored easily so they need their smartphones everywhere they go)....however all of America remembers seeing 3 movies similar to this one just a few short years ago. Hopefully this will not turn into the same exact trilogy we saw last time.

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