August 14, 2012

The Campaign- AMC Lincoln Square 13


Mike: We were invited to a press/media screening of The Campaign, held a few days before the film opened at the AMC in Lincoln Square. This AMC is known for its authentic IMAX screen, but it also has another big auditorium which has a balcony. They tend to use this room for special screenings so it was no surprise that we'd be in here. As usual, we sat up in the mezzanine.
Before we entered, we were told to keep our cell phones off during the movie and had to subject ourselves to metal detector wands. We were also handed production notes, which I can't imagine anyone actually reading but I guess they help journalists write their reviews. The audience was pleasant - many of them go to these screenings all the time and need to be invited to them in the future, so everyone tends to behave.

As for the movie, I was looking forward to it. The trailers looked funny. I like the stars. It seemed like an interesting concept. It delivers on these promises, but it lacks in consistency. There are laughs - including some incredibly funny moments - but not enough. It's amusing enough to keep your attention, but from the funny trailers I expected more laugh-out-loud moments (not that I'm someone who ever does that in a theater, anyway). As political satire, the characters are too far out of reality for it to pack any significant punch.

Another problem is that Ferrell and Galafianakis are playing only slight variations of characters we've seen them play before. Ferrell has played cocky/dumb politicians before, and Galafianakis' character is too much the roles he played in Due Date and The Hangover. Also, both of the characters are extremely dumb, so their character arcs are a bit tough to go along with whenever the script conveniently calls for it.

The Campaign will provide you with enough laughs to tide you over, but you'll probably wish there was a bit more to it.

Erica: I am not a Will Ferrell fan, but my friend had gotten us into this screening so I figured I may as well watch it as Mike wanted to see it. It was disappointing to say the least as I found the trailers funny. The movie wasn't horrible, it was entertaining but it didn't entertain me enough. For an 85 minute run time, it is fine but I wanted more. It could have been so much funnier. Will Ferrell seems like he always plays the same character in every movie. Although, I guess nobody wants to see him play an intellect. Anyway, I suggest if you want to watch this movie, to watch it on DVD and don't waste your money seeing it in the theater....and this is coming from someone who saw it for free.

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