August 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 & IMAX

Mike: You've heard our spiel before - New York City has just one real, true, honest-to-God IMAX screen, and it's at Lincoln Square. That meant that this would be the only place where we wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises, our most anticipated film of the year (and the last few years, probably). The theater put midnight screenings on sale months ago, long before they were actually supposed to, and it sold out very quickly. I wasn't aware that they went on sale, so I was pissed to find out that it was already sold out. So we waited until tickets officially went on sale for other showings, and we managed to get two tickets for the 6 PM opening night showing.
As expected, it was a madhouse. I got in line hours before the screening started, and already the line was wrapped all the way down the stairs. When we finally got into the room, the best seats were of course already taken, but we managed to get a pretty good seat.
What's nice about the IMAX screen here is that at the top, by the exits, there are additional bathrooms that very few people know about, so it's pretty quiet. A few minutes before showtime I made a quick run, and there was only one other guy in the bathroom. I only mention and remember this because the guy used the toilet and didn't wash his hands, which totally grossed me out. I wanted to say "Sir, you forgot to wash your hands" but of course I said nothing.
The entire audience was surprised when the movie started, a few minutes after the scheduled showtime. No trailers whatsoever. The movie just started and a collective "wait, this is it?" was apparent.
As for the movie - I really liked it, but it was nowhere near the greatness of the previous installment.

Erica: Yeah ok. Here it is 'the movie of the summer'....I was stoked! I went to use the restroom a couple minutes before the movie started and when i came back in, the movie had already started...what was up with the no previews?! Anyway, I LOVE Batman, I remember when I was a kid, they reran the 60s series with Adam West and Burt Ward and I would rush to the TV to watch it so I have been hooked on the Caped Crusader from an early age. This movie was awesome. Even though I do agree with Mike that the previous installment was a better film, I feel like this was a great way to wrap up Nolan and Bale's trilogy. I don't even really think I have to write a's freakin' Batman! What can I say? This is the movie of the summer that everyone was waiting for for years and it was worth it. Whoever is the next person to reboot the Batman franchise has a big cowell to fill. I do want to address one thing....what happened in Colorado is tragic and I do feel that it scared some people away from attending the movies, especially this one in particular but please do not let this steer you away from the theater, go grab your sidekick and use your Batarang to get to the theater (a REAL IMAX screen please) to see this epic film.

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