September 16, 2012

Brave - UA Court Street 12

Mike: We saw this a few months ago but never got around to the review. I won't miss a Pixar movie, even if the trailers completely fail to capture my interest. That was the case with Brave. I wanted to see it because it was the new Pixar movie, but the trailers and commercials left me in the cold. In fact, upon viewing the film I kind of felt misled. There are major elements to the story that were completely avoided in all the promotional efforts that I noticed. There's a bear in the movie - something I had no clue about until I was sitting in the theater, watching the movie, and noticing that one of the main characters is a bear.
Ultimately, Pixar is pretty fool-proof and Brave is another fine film, even though it's one of their lesser efforts.


Is 2012 the year of movies with Crossbows?

 I, like Mike, will not miss a Pixar film. This one was not a love for me. This was one of the few I really felt like captured the magic of Pixar. Usually, when I watch a Pixar movie, I get so engrossed in the charactes and feel like I am a part of their world. With this one, I found myself looking at my watch, wondering when it will be over.  Mike is correct, there is no mention a Bear being one of the main characters in the trailer, but  feel that we are not really supposed to find that out in the trailer. I say if you are a Pixar fan, watch this one on DVD. Just to complete your Pixar viewings... 

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