September 22, 2012

Robot and Frank - Cobble Hill Cinemas

Erica: This movie title is the best way to describe what this movie is about Frank Langella plays a character named Frank (ironic, I know) and he is gifted a robot (named Robot-how clever) by his son for companionship. I thought this movie was great. I was not sure what to expect going in but it is clever, moving, and funny. This is exactly what I needed to help me transition from all those big budget summer blockbusters Hollywood has been cramming down our throats from the past few months. attention...if more movies like this were made, more people would give small indie movies a chance. There was no promotion for this movie that I can recall (maybe a trailer here and there in other independent movies), no commercials, no big fanfare, just a sweet genuine movie. If you get the chance to check this movie out, I highly recommend it as this is one of the most genuine, down to earth (maybe not the most realistic movies but who knows what technology has in store for us) movies I have seen in a while.

Mike: We went to the nearby Cobble Hill Cinemas to see this in a discount matinee for $7. I love going there if only for the old-fashioned theater intro that asks you to turn off your pagers. Anyway, I loved this movie, and this is a perfect film to recommend to your parents. Aside from the title, which due to the inclusion of the word 'robot' is subject to default dismissal by old people, Robot and Frank is a terrific 'old people' movie. And whereas this past Summer's old-people-trickling-into-theaters sleeper The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, this is one film that children and grandchildren dragged along to the theater are likely to enjoy as well.

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