October 04, 2012

Arbritage - Cobble Hill Cinemas

Mike: Richard Gere is one of those actors who just keeps making movies and usually gives a good performance but too often is overshadowed by his co-stars. Finally, Arbitrage gives him his moment to shine. Arbitrage might not be the best movie - there are some questionable plot points that leave it a bit more to be desired - but it's sufficiently engaging and highly recommended simply due to Gere's performance.
I went to see this movie by myself because Erica wasn't interested, so I caught a matinee at Cobble Hill. Unlike the UA Court Street 12 a few blocks away, Cobble Hill still offers decent matinee pricing. There's no stadium seating and some things are a bit outdated, but the crowds are a bit less ghetto. Fair trade-off.
While seeing Arbitrage, I did have a strange experience - one that's never happened to me before. Two 40-something women sat two rows in front of me. They came in together but sat three seats apart. One of the women kept looking at her phone, which was annoying, but you know me - I'm not one to be confrontational, so I just sat and boiled. About two-thirds into the movie though, something peculiar happened. One of the women got up to use the bathroom. While she was gone, the other woman took out her cell phone, turned on the camera, pointed it at the screen, and began recording the movie. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This went out for at least five minutes. I was considering going into the lobby and alerting a staff member, but then the other woman came back and she stopped. I guess she was just recording the movie for her friend so she could see what she missed after the movie. Crazy...

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