October 02, 2012

End of Watch - AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

Mike: I think Erica has a problem with Jake Gyllenhaal, so this was another one I had to go see by myself. I tend to dislike found footage films and think the faux-documentary style of The Office and Modern Family is way over-done at this point. End of Watch begins with the premise that everything is being taped for a school project, but it quickly becomes apparent that the handheld cameras aren't the only angles you see. Then what's the point? It's silly, but I went with it anyway, even though I was constantly distracted by the mix of camera angles. End of Watch is at its best and its worst when it doesn't take itself too seriously. When it's just a cool cop movie, it's great. When it gets a little carried away with the buddy cop relationship and other cute scenes, it's embarrassing. Overall, I had a good time but I would have preferred to see it told in a more traditional way. And without Anna Kendrick.

I think I had a problem with the entire cast....

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