October 30, 2012

Looper - UA Court Street 12

Mike: We invested in a bunch of passes for Regal Cinemas, which are good for any film that's been in theaters more than 12 days. So Looper was one of the films where we kind of held off for a bit, in order to take advantage of our discount passes.
Even though it had been out for over two weeks, Looper nearly filled up a medium-large auditorium on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, the audience mostly kept quiet. Mostly. The couple behind us kept whispering to each other, trying to figure out the plot.
Looper really builds up well, creating a fascinating future world and an interesting time travel plot. But about three quarters in, you begin to realize that there's no way to satisfactorily resolve the film. Happy ending or unhappy ending, a film needs to end in a way that makes you leave the theater with a fulfilled feeling. Looper, cool as it is, doesn't do that, building to an ending that you probably won't like.

Erica: As Mike said, Looper is a really cool film....until the last half hour. Disappointed with the ending, you leave puzzled as to why the director chose to end the film the way he did. Also, it takes a while to get over the prosthetics that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is wearing to look like Bruce Willis (which I personally do not even think he does). The rest of the movie is really good and very well done. If there was anyway to end the movie differently then you would have a great movie instead of a good movie.

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