October 18, 2012

Taken 2 - UA Court Street 12

Mike: Erica was out of town and I had a free Regal ticket (from our That's My Boy fiasco) in my wallet, so I walked a few blocks down to the UA Court Street 12. It was Saturday afternoon on opening weekend. Normally not something I'd do, but this was a movie that Erica had no interest in and I'd have to find a timeslot to see it in by myself. So off I headed, fully aware that it was going to be crowded and rowdy.

As it turned out, it wasn't that bad. Both the crowd and the movie. The room was filled about 80% to capacity, but the audience kept it together. A rarity. I didn't even see anyone with kids. The movie was on par with the first Taken. If you go see the movie, you'll get exactly what you expect. I was fine with that, since I kind of dug the first one. The premise is a bit different so that it's not a complete retread, but there is one minor issue: The bad guy is really, really dumb, and his motive (revenge for the deaths of his sons in Taken 1) is equally dumb.

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