November 30, 2012

Flight - UA Court Street 12

Mike: Welcome back Robert Zemeckis. After Disney dropped his animated motion capture production company, Zemeckis seems to be done with those stupid films for now. Well, they weren't really stupid. I liked his Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey and Beowulf, but his strengths are in live action and I felt he was kind of wasting his talents in animation. But Mars Needs Moms was atrocious - every bit deserving its bomb status (he didn't direct, but still...). So I'm glad to see Zemeckis back in the world of live action. In my estimation, Flight puts him back at What Lies Beneath levels (and listening to the soundtrack, I couldn't help but be reminded of Time Life greatest hits collection Forrest Gump). Which isn't bad.

I didn't think Flight was great, but I dug it. It's 2 hours and 20 minutes, but the time flies by. We saw it at the UA Court Street 12 in Brooklyn and I was shocked by some of the audience reactions. The Court Street theater is one of those theaters where people talk back at the screen, so it's easy to gauge exactly what people think of the movie, right as it's playing. Denzel Washington's character makes some pretty poor decisions in the film, and I found it pretty disturbing to hear how a number of people in the audience supported his decisions, or got angry when he tries to change his ways and take responsibility for his actions.

Erica: I was more entertained by the audience reactions than the movie to be honest. The film wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either. It was above average. What made it better than above average is when people yell 'OH NO HE DIDN'T' and other fun exclamations from the audience (note: Denzel Washington cannot hear you...) John Goodman stole the show and this movie is worth watching just for his short time onscreen alone. I would say see this movie, but it is alright to wait for DVD. 

November 29, 2012

Wreck It Ralph - UA Court Street 12

Mike: It looked pretty cool, had a neat retro vibe, and got rave reviews. But I just didn't think it was all that great. Wreck-It Ralph has some funny characters, like Ralph and Fix-It Felix and an endless universe, but in my mind it made a huge mistake in setting so much of it in a candy/racing game world. Another portion of it is set in an equally-uninteresting Halo-type game, where we're introduced to a boring action hero character played by Jane Lynch.

Maybe I'm being a bit too critical. There are lots of funny moments and I loved the old gaming references, but I thought it went on a bit too long (10 minutes could easily be trimmed from the slow middle) and some of the characters weren't interesting.

Erica: I was very disappointed by this movie and I didn't really like it. I liked the idea of the movie but the execution and character development fell flat. I am not even a big fan of anybody in the movie. Even by cartoon standards they were irritating. I didn't feel sorry for the main character at all (even in cartoon form, John C Reilly plays the same role he usually plays in EVERY other movie he is in). I really cannot say 'run out and see this movie' because it isn't worth it. We also paid the extra fee to see it in not worth it. 

November 01, 2012

Compliance - Landmark Sunshine Cinemas

Mike: I really wanted to see Compliance but it was only paying at the Landmark Sunshine on Houston Street - a theater I love, but rarely go to because there are no discounts. But I'd been hearing so much about the film, I thought it would be worth $13.50. As it turned out, we didn't have to pay anything. We hadn't been here in a while and when we handed our Landmark loyalty membership cards, we were informed that the program was canceled due to limited interest, and anyone who had a card could redeem it for a free movie. Too bad...

As for the film, it's one of those movies that tends to make you feel extremely uncomfortable. I was blown away by the two lead performances, and the story unfolded in a way that it grabbed my attention throughout. Based on a true story that seems hard to believe, the film legitimizes how something this outrageous actually happened.

Erica: I didn't know anything about Compliance going into it except that it was based on a true story. I have been hearing a lot of great buzz about the movie so we decided to check it out. The acting was very good but as Mike said, it did make you feel slightly uncomfortable. It was hard to believe that this was a true story. It makes you feel for the people in the movie. Whether that feeling is feeling sorry for them or thinking they were suckers for believing it, is up to you. I recommend Compliance but skip the popcorn.