November 01, 2012

Compliance - Landmark Sunshine Cinemas

Mike: I really wanted to see Compliance but it was only paying at the Landmark Sunshine on Houston Street - a theater I love, but rarely go to because there are no discounts. But I'd been hearing so much about the film, I thought it would be worth $13.50. As it turned out, we didn't have to pay anything. We hadn't been here in a while and when we handed our Landmark loyalty membership cards, we were informed that the program was canceled due to limited interest, and anyone who had a card could redeem it for a free movie. Too bad...

As for the film, it's one of those movies that tends to make you feel extremely uncomfortable. I was blown away by the two lead performances, and the story unfolded in a way that it grabbed my attention throughout. Based on a true story that seems hard to believe, the film legitimizes how something this outrageous actually happened.

Erica: I didn't know anything about Compliance going into it except that it was based on a true story. I have been hearing a lot of great buzz about the movie so we decided to check it out. The acting was very good but as Mike said, it did make you feel slightly uncomfortable. It was hard to believe that this was a true story. It makes you feel for the people in the movie. Whether that feeling is feeling sorry for them or thinking they were suckers for believing it, is up to you. I recommend Compliance but skip the popcorn.

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