November 30, 2012

Flight - UA Court Street 12

Mike: Welcome back Robert Zemeckis. After Disney dropped his animated motion capture production company, Zemeckis seems to be done with those stupid films for now. Well, they weren't really stupid. I liked his Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey and Beowulf, but his strengths are in live action and I felt he was kind of wasting his talents in animation. But Mars Needs Moms was atrocious - every bit deserving its bomb status (he didn't direct, but still...). So I'm glad to see Zemeckis back in the world of live action. In my estimation, Flight puts him back at What Lies Beneath levels (and listening to the soundtrack, I couldn't help but be reminded of Time Life greatest hits collection Forrest Gump). Which isn't bad.

I didn't think Flight was great, but I dug it. It's 2 hours and 20 minutes, but the time flies by. We saw it at the UA Court Street 12 in Brooklyn and I was shocked by some of the audience reactions. The Court Street theater is one of those theaters where people talk back at the screen, so it's easy to gauge exactly what people think of the movie, right as it's playing. Denzel Washington's character makes some pretty poor decisions in the film, and I found it pretty disturbing to hear how a number of people in the audience supported his decisions, or got angry when he tries to change his ways and take responsibility for his actions.

Erica: I was more entertained by the audience reactions than the movie to be honest. The film wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either. It was above average. What made it better than above average is when people yell 'OH NO HE DIDN'T' and other fun exclamations from the audience (note: Denzel Washington cannot hear you...) John Goodman stole the show and this movie is worth watching just for his short time onscreen alone. I would say see this movie, but it is alright to wait for DVD. 

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