December 02, 2012

Butter - VOD

Erica: We were being lazy and decided to rent Butter on video on demand. The concept of this movie is about people competing in a butter competition....why this needed a movie is beyond me. There is a pretty decent cast it's just to me, the movie was not that interesting. My theory though is this...I would rather watch a bad movie from the comfort of my home then watching it in the theater so that was good. I enjoy watching movies on demand because sometimes they are available the same time as in theaters or even before they are in theaters and it is usually between $5-10 and if both of us are watching that is certainly cheaper than going to the theater, even with discount passes. Back to the movie...Jennifer Garner annoys me so I was pretty much turned off from second one but I decided to give it a chance...she is not any less annoying in this movie than in any other movie (she may even be more annoying here if that is possible). Her deep dimples bother me and it is very hard for me to get past...

The only exciting storyline had nothing to do with the butter carving competition at all (surprise surprise) and more of the seemingly overly perfect family's personal lives.

I say if you want to watch Butter watch it from the comfort of your own home.

Mike: I say don't watch it at all. It's not a terrible movie, but there's a reason it got a VOD release. Butter has a bad case of VODitis - like most movies that go the VOD route, it's not very good and after watching it, you realize why distributors didn't think it was worth the marketing costs associated with a traditional theatrical release (tough to market) or a platform release (poor to middling reviews, no word of mouth). See it on an airplane or rent it, when you feel like you've already seen everything else.

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