December 21, 2012

Hitchcock - AMC Kips Bay 14

Mike: This is one of two competing films about Alfred Hitchcock that came out this year. The earlier one, The Girl, debuted on HBO a couple months ago and focused on the making of The Birds and Marnie. This one's just about Psycho. Both films were mildly interesting. Neither of these films were necessary. And both films present Hitchcock as a mysterious, impenetrable character. The make-up is impressive, but under the layers we don't get a good sense of who the guy was. In Hitchcock, we get a bit more of an understanding of the guy than in The Girl. If anything, we get a better understanding of the woman behind the man, in this one played by Helen Mirren.

Erica: I was sitting through this movie, just like through The Girl wondering when it was going to be over. Being a Hitchcock fan, I was looking forward to this movie and was highly disappointed. While I think this was better than the HBO movie that aired earlier in the year,  that does not mean by any means, was this a good movie. Helen Mirren did a great job as Hitchcock's wife and the almost unrecognizable Anthony Hopkins did a good job as the man himself. That is where the good parts of this movie end...for a Hitchcock, I feel like you may be disappointed with this movie.

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