December 19, 2012

Hotel Transylvania - AMC Loews Lincoln Square

 Mike: So you've got a funny cast of voices, a talented animation director, a funny writer, a cool concept with great potential... and you end up with Hotel Transylvania, a piece of shit that kids without taste who laugh at anything will love and adults will cringe through. Actually, almost everyone at the theater - adults included - seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even the adult sitting next to me, who will share her reaction below. So maybe it's just me who isn't enamored with continuous fart jokes and Sandler-sentimentality.

Erica: I have no idea what Mike is talking about....I was suffering through the entire movie. The concept was really cool and I was looking forward to this movie and was very disappointed. The second half was worse than the first half. Kids ate this movie up...I am not sure why. This movie is a piece of garbage that should not have gotten made.

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