December 31, 2012

Mike's Worst of 2012

Mike: I usually know which movies to skip, and I skip most of the ones that don't interest me or that I just know I won't like. But there are times (too many) that curiosity gets the best of me, and I watch something that I know is absolute crap. Or there are times when I watch something and expect it to be good and it's just a terrible disappointment. These are the films that I really didn't like in 2012, ranked from Worst (1) to Still Really Bad (10).

1. The Intouchables
2. Rock of Ages
3. Frankie Go Boom
4. Red Tails
5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
6. Piranha 3DD
7. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
8. Save the Date
9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
10. Wrath of the Titans

I also disliked: Battleship, Goon, Hotel Transylvania, Hysteria, Mansome, People Like Us, This Must Be the Place, Total Recall, and The Watch.

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