December 25, 2012

Rust and Bone - Landmark Sunshine

Mike: Rust and Bone is a ridiculous movie in which ridiculous things happen. It's silly in the absolute randomness of obstacles presented to the main characters. You meet a girl whose legs get bitten off by a killer whale and then manages a street fighter. More random obstacles present the two main characters throughout the film. But there's something in the sheer melodrama that makes it hard to look away and not enjoy it. Marion Cotillard is getting Oscar buzz, but I think any half-decent actress would have done just as well with such and overly dramatic part. This is an old-fashioned drama that we grew out of as we left the 1980s, and while I enjoyed it, it's absolutely ridiculous and silly. I must give props for a pair of scenes that use a Katy Perry song. You hear it early in the movie as Cotillard is about to have her legs bitten off, but when it recurs much later in the film, it's a genuinely moving moment, and perhaps the one thing that the movie really gets right.

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