December 20, 2012

Stand Up Guys - Elinor Bunim Monroe Film Center

Mike: For whatever reason, this is getting an Academy qualifying run for one week before opening sometime next year. Aside from a Bon Jovi song, it hasn't got  a chance. Stand Up Guys has some killer ingredients - Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Alan Arkin - and a potent concept. But with all of that going for it, it just never pops off the screen. There are some humorous moments here and there, but overall it's a snooze to sit through. Pacino and Walken each play the annoying caricatures of themselves that we've all been tired of for years, and while Arkin's character has some genuine poignant moments, he's in and out pretty quickly. Don't get me started on the script, which plagiarizes Office Space and They Live (I'm sure there's more) presumably under the guise of homage.
Maybe I'm too harsh. It's not awful, but with so much else out there, this is one you can pass over.

Erica: I will not be as harsh as Mike, however this isn't a 'run out and see this movie the day it opens' movie. I feel like this movie has been made about a dozen or so times before. I also feel the actors have played these roles over and over again in their massive film careers so there is nothing special about this movie. For me, Stand Up Guys does not stand out. The actors are good, the performances are fine, but the wow factor is just not there.... 

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