December 23, 2012

The Loneliest Planet - IFC Center

Mike: This one was almost completely off my radar. I'd heard a bit about it, but only became interested when I saw it pop up on year-end top 10 lists. I had a day off from work so I went to see this one morning. I'm glad I did. It's an unconventional film that gets uncomfortably real as we follow a young couple and their tour guide through the countryside of Georgia (the country, not the state). Most of the film is dedicated to simply getting to know this couple, seeing how they react to their guide and take in the experience. I can imagine this being extremely annoying and boring to many, but I was able to bear with it and I'm glad I did. There's a bit of a twist along the way - not in the traditional sense, but it kind of changes direction at a certain point - the poignancy and challenge of which I found to be very rewarding for the 90 minute travelogue that preceded it.

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