March 21, 2013

Spring Breakers - AMC Empire 25

 How ridiculous does Franco look in this movie?!

Erica: This movie was just awful. Sure I like James Franco but this movie was just unbearably bad. It was only 94 minutes but it was a long 94 minutes. I laughed once during the entire movie and just felt kind of uncomfortable during the rest. This movie has a lot of cringeworthy moments but I can see it finding it's audience......just not me...I can't really recommend this movie to anybody...I'm sorry...I just can't. I wish I could...

Mike: I actually loved Spring Breakers. Despite some parts that drag and might test your patience, I thought it was hilarious and biting, although I think that the film will also appeal - for the wrong reasons - to the brain dead partying/college/spring break culture it makes fun of. James Franco is the highlight of the film, providing several memorable scenes with a Nicolas Cage-like full-on crazy performance. 

March 14, 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - AMC Lincoln Square 13/Oz The Great and Powerful UA Court Street 12

Erica: Sorry it has been so long since we last posted a review. We have been extremely busy....I will try and update more frequently....I may include multiple reviews in one as well. Last night we saw an advanced screening of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and for the first time in a while, I liked a movie Mike didn't! I don't know why he didn't but he will have to tell you about that. First thing you need to know about this's silly. Know that going in and you will enjoy it a lot. It's magical and funny. I am not a huge fan of Steve Carrell but he did a good job in this movie but Jim Carrey and Alan Arkin stole the show. A magician never reveals their secrets so I do not want to give too much away but I highly recommend this movie. I may be biased because it was written by John Francis Daley and I seem to see every movie that Steve Buscemi is in but it is still a good, fun, magical movie. 

Now all of that being said, it is NOT as good as that other 'magical' movie out now Oz the Great and Powerful. Franco does a great job as a con-man/wizard who is trying to get away from his current situation and lands in Oz only to be transported in a magical land. I highly recommend this movie as well. 

As much as I enjoyed Wonderstone if budget only allows for one magical film this month, follow the yellow brick road....

Mike: Aside from a few sporadic laughs, I absolutely hated Burt Wonderstone. To me it seemed like a bad Will Ferrell movie, with Steve Carell doing a bad Ferrell imitation. It also seemed incredibly dated - I felt like I was watching something made 8 or 10 years ago.

Oz the Great and Powerful is a severely flawed but ultimately fun movie. A great opening and a satisfying finale made up for the meandering middle, where I couldn't help but wonder where the hell it was going.

January 12, 2013

Lincoln - AMC Essex Green CInema Suites

Mike: We haven't been back to the AMC Cinema Suites since Hunger Games came out, so we were excited that another loooong movie was coming out that would allow us to take full advantage of the ultra-comfortable seating at Cinema Suites. We brought my parents for a lunchtime screening of Lincoln. As usual, we tried to get there a bit early to at least get our orders in and get our food before the movie started. Since last time we were here, AMC has done away with the complimentary chocolate-covered popcorn before the show and Ghirardelli chocolate mints afterwards, but the comfortable reserved seating and solid menu still make Cinema Suites a great deal. I just wish they'd bring one of these to New York City, so I don't have to go all the way to New Jersey. I know there's the Nitehawk, and there's two Alamo Drafthouses coming to NYC, but the best part of Cinema Suites is really the comfortable reclining seats.
I know I'm in the minority, not being blown away by Spielberg's Lincoln. I found it to be too talky, too post-West Wing. I think it's a very good film, so I'm in the situation of trying to explain why I didn't love it as much as, seemingly, everyone else - which is silly. But as an example, I point you to the voting scene, where votes are cast in embarrassing cliches, one after another. I dare anyone not to cringe when Michael Stuhlbarg screams out his choice.

 Erica: I felt like I was in a two and a half hour history class. I enjoyed seeing this movie in reclining seats though. Lincoln has gotten lots of Oscar nominations, I, like Mike, was not blown away by this movie. I am not saying it was bad, just not amazing. I am sure Lewis will win the Oscar for playing Lincoln because that is how the Academy works. I never seem to like the movies that the Academy ultimately chooses on the big day. I think I will be one of the few not cheering when this scoops up a lot of awards at the Oscars. If you want one big history class about Lincoln in two and a half hours, you can watch this movie.