March 21, 2013

Spring Breakers - AMC Empire 25

 How ridiculous does Franco look in this movie?!

Erica: This movie was just awful. Sure I like James Franco but this movie was just unbearably bad. It was only 94 minutes but it was a long 94 minutes. I laughed once during the entire movie and just felt kind of uncomfortable during the rest. This movie has a lot of cringeworthy moments but I can see it finding it's audience......just not me...I can't really recommend this movie to anybody...I'm sorry...I just can't. I wish I could...

Mike: I actually loved Spring Breakers. Despite some parts that drag and might test your patience, I thought it was hilarious and biting, although I think that the film will also appeal - for the wrong reasons - to the brain dead partying/college/spring break culture it makes fun of. James Franco is the highlight of the film, providing several memorable scenes with a Nicolas Cage-like full-on crazy performance. 

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