April 06, 2012

The Hunger Games - AMC Essex Green Dine-In Theater

Erica: We have established time and time again that the best place to see a movie is at the AMC Dine-In Theaters so once they released showtimes for The Hunger Games there, I was down. Movies of this length are the absolute perfect thing to see there. We got seats in the back row this time, a row we have never sat in, so we were a bit concerned if the legroom and screen view would be the same. It was still as fantastic as ever and they didn't screw up my food this time! Although we didn't get the complimentary amenities we are accustomed to when going there (maybe because it was packed). No free popcorn, mints, or hot towels, but all that aside, still a great experience.

 I didn't read the books so I wasn't on the bandwagon but I drank the Kool-Aid and we went to see the movie people have been obsessing over for months. I am not even sure it was worth all the hype. The movie was entertaining and kept my attention, I just don't know if it was $153 mil. opening weekend entertaining or worthy. I spoke with someone who read all the books and saw the movie and found out how much was missing from the movie. Which is obviously to be expected however, I was surprised how little Liam Hemsworth's character was in the movie (being that all you see on tv is his mug associated with the movie). That being said, it's fine for what it was. It was sweet, action packed, and often times heart-wrenching to watch young kids going into battle for no reason (at least not a reason that is made clear. Just to come out the best district?! Who cares?) 

Mike: I actually sat through all the Twilight movies, so anticipating a similar craze, my expectations were very low. I haven't read any of the books, but I found myself enjoying the Battle Royale-like story and look forward to the sequels. It was a bit long, and it seemed to work hard to satisfy fans of the books. There were some moments where I couldn't really figure out the significance of something, but aside from that, The Hunger Games is a pretty cool movie.


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